H.I.M. Emperor Haile Sellassie I,

“Power of the Trinity” born July 23, 1892 – until, was de jure Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974 and de facto from 1916 to 1936 and 1941 to 1974. He is also considered to be the religious symbol for God incarnate among the Rastafari movement, founded in Jamaica in the early 1930s. The Rastafari also call Selassie HIM, Jah and Jah Rastafari.
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Marcus Garvey’s Prophecy

Below is the article many Rastafarians Refer to as the Prohecy by Marcus Garvey. It was Published November 8, 1930 in his Jamaican newspaper, The Blackman:
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The foundation is established to perpetuate and honor the memory of Leonard P. Howell and other brothers and sisters who contributions and achievements have been of enduring value to the development of the Rastafarian Movement in Jamaica and now global (international ).

To recognize the contribution of the Howellite’s Community “ Pinnacle” as the first free slaves, united, organized, self developed, economically empowered African Community established in Jamaica. Also, to reclaim and restore a portion of the Pinnacle Property into a UNESCO recognized world heritage site, an international Rastafarian Worship and Research Center and in tribute to and as a monument to Leonard Percival Howell.

To restore and uphold the legacy of Leonard P Howell and educate the nation and the world about his life, mission and his contribution to obtain justice in the form of reparation while he vigorously agitated repatriation as the priority to the Rastafarian Movement (in the 1930’s)



The objects of the Foundation are exclusively charitable (non-profit)

To Feed the Hungry

To Clothe the Naked

To Nourish the Sick

To Protect the Age and Care for the Infants

To Teach Love and Loyalty on Earth

To Educate the Foolish and promote culture and heritage

To Recognized our Environment, Plants and Living things

To Provide Medical facilities and counseling, scholarships for individuals to educational and skill training institutions through out the local and international Rastafarian Community.

To Develop charitable programs aimed at physical, emotional,
spiritual upliftment and well being of individuals

To apply for take out, purchase or otherwise acquire any trade marks, copyrights, designs, patterns, patents, patent rights invention or secret processes which may used for the Foundation’s object.