lisa n portia

Many persons from far and wide throughout the globe enquire daily why Pinnacle the Groundation of Sir Leonard Percival Howell and RasTafari has been deliberately neglected by PM The Hon. Portia Simpson Miller. Any number of excuses can be had from the Mr. v. lee Jamaica National Heritage Trust which leaves one to ponder the mentality of Lisa Hanna the current Ministet of Youth and Culture and the PM Hon Poetia Simpson Miller. The buck stops at their desk. Meanwhile Phase three development at Pinnacle proceeds full speed ahead. Excavation galore and Mrs Howell’s grave site now has a two going on three story complex.

Where is justice for Pinnacle?

All this while nefarious organizations proporting to be Rastafari along with so called Rastafari churches have sought out the patrimony of the PNP governmemt who apparently has no interest in resolving the crimes and dispossession committed against RasTafari by the colonial JLPNP. Professor Rupert Lewis a member of the panel put together by the current Jamaica PNP government has not progressed and last met eons ago. So much for our Prime Minister solving serious human rights violations against her citizens This is a stain on the global psyche of Rastafari and their supporters. Time and Nature are the Masters.

Every day the LPH Foundation gets request from various foreign entities to do presentations of RasTafari for their schools. Next week the school children in France will learn Jamaica and RasTafari history. Thanks to our youths who travel and teach.

Without apology