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Pinnacle is located in Sligoville, St. Catherine, Jamaica.  It consists of over 500 acres of land. It is the Black man’s heritage of self reliance and a gift of love to the Rastafari community worldwide by Leonard P. Howell.  Now we are in danger of loosing this Heritage site and need your help to save Pinnacle.

Our Glorious Pinnacle Heritage Site is under attack and need your help.  Pinnacle is the first RasTafari settlement and the home of the Reggae Music and RasTafari Kulture, which is a peaceful and global Movement.  The Estate is rich in archaeological significance to Jamaica and the World heritage as a seat of resistance against colonialism.  Pinnacle is the Laboratory of self reliance.

About LPH

About LPH

Leonard Percival Howell was born in the Parish of Clarendon, Jamaica. W.I. On June 16th, 1898. He died in Kingston, Jamaica. W.I. In 1981. He was born a hero, a scholar and beyond the shadow of a doubt died a hero defending his race.

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A Thorough and unbiased investigation MUST be conducted and its findings presented to the Ministry of Justice and the people, with a plan.   Stop the eviction of RasTafari peoples from the Ankhcesral lands at Pinnacle.  Please Sign the Petition.

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Since its formation in 2005, the Leonard P. Howell Foundation has been embroiled in a legal battle with the St. Jago Hills developers over the legal title and ownership of the ancestral home of Pinnacle, the place in which Leonard P. Howell lived and taught.

Leonard Percival Howell

At The Pinnacle of the corruption

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Roland van Reenen On a mission to make the image of Leonard Percival Howell as popular as the famous poster of Che Guevara. Check out these cool rolling papers and support Occupy Pinnacle! Please share! #occupypinnacle

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“Feb 11 –  We will be at PINNACLE continuing to clear the land and do research. Come forward and give a strength. Lots of works to do. The RasTafari community is strong… Now we have another opportunity to re-build. Help us to keep the movement moving…

ONE ONE COCOA FULL BASKET!”  ~ Donisha Prendergast

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