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Tuesday August 28, 2012

The Director,
Jamaica National Heritage Trust

August 28, 2012.

Dear Sir,

Warm and fraternal greetings. The purpose of this letter is two fold, firstly to advise you that the Howell Foundation under the leadership of Monty Howell is the sole group with the responsibility to make demands on behalf of the Legacy of Leonard P. Howell, Prophet and founding Philosopher of the idea and movement of Rastafari. I want to make this clarification due to some errors of the past. Secondly, please find attached a sort of “position paper” renewing the call for the recognition of Howell for his contribution to the history of Jamaican and the world (since the Movement of Rastafari is global); and that a National Heritage site be identified and established where Pinnacle, the “crucible” for the wider development of Rastafari and the idea self reliance through its concept of an
“Industrial Mission” type character of the commune.

It is important to note that some writers have illustrated the extent of his influence in politics, culture, literature and thought construction / philosophy. It is important that some attention be paid to Howell and the early Rastafari movement of Jamaica. Additionally Rastafari has been a most important point of unity in Jamaica. It crosses party and racial lines. It is without a doubt that he has been the most successful and influential leader of the black masses of Jamaica and certainly one of the leading black consciousness leader of the 20th century.

I want to assure your office of our intention: firstly a national recognition of the founder of the idea and movement; and secondly the establishment of a “National Heritage Site” that will assume the general character of national monuments informed by the essence of the idea and movement. This request has been made years ago but the development was arrested. I would like to ask you office to renew, with a little more vigour, the process looking into our request.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely

Monty Howell,
Leonard P. Howell Foundation