Greetings, All.
A RECENT QUOTE: “…I was particularly disturbed by recent reports of slavery of Africans by our Arab brothers in Mauritania….”
(see below). 
As Yungsta asked, incredulous: “Arab brothers???? are we stupid? do we not know who kidnapped slaved and sold us for centuries???”

I entirely share your outrage, Bra/Sistah Yungsta, but I’m not surprised by such revelations.

Because, as Martin Luther King, Jr. said:
“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”
But even more dangerous, and the most outrageous, in my view, is that there are very many (including many so-called ‘leading’ Rastafarians) who have deliberately CHOSEN to be ignorant of the facts of history — even of their own.
From I raspective, such ones have/are deliberately CHOSEN to be ignorant (or pretend to be) so that they don’t upset anyone, or any group, or friends, or family, who may be in a position to block their ‘progress in life’ to positions that some of them have been taught to lust after from childhood.
So, for such ones, ABOMINABLE WRONGDOING – even THE GREATEST CRIME IN HUMAN HISTORY — is deemed excusable; so that their friends, families, lovers, co-workers, bosses, and others of ‘importance’ in their lives will not have to enter the Halls of Conscience, and face Judgement.
But can WE, InI, handle the TRUTH?
I wonder what such ones will say or do when, for example, they are faced with the undeniable historical facts of the KNOWN SLAVERY-DERIVED GREAT WEALTH (past and present) of CERTAIN KNOWN ‘JAMAICAN’ DYNASTIES and INDIVIDUALS; who were not only business partners in the largest slave-trading company in Jamaica, all the way up to ‘Abolition’ in 1834, but who continue that lucrative family co-operation in 2013. 
It should surprise no-one who loves Justice, and who seeks it for Africa and Her children, that those same TWO EXEMPLARY JAMAICAN DYNASTIES are TODAY involved in the ‘owning’
(some insist by dubious means) of the lands at Pinnacle, 
Leonard Howell’s Rastafarian attempt at creating an African model community in Sligoville in the 1940s, until its deliberate destruction by the successive governments of Britain and Jamaica in the 1950s.
So rather than studying their history, and seeking secular knowledge – as His Majesty HIMself said we should – many Jamaican Blacks (especially the so-called Religious Rastafarians) have spent their time ignorantly pontificating about the Bible, and Africa, or trying to browbeat the unread with their religious dogma, or engaging in the partisan political puppet shows of the ‘Left,’ the ‘Right,’ and the ‘Center.’
So, it does not surprise I — though I enrages I, given what I know — that the same ones who seem to know little history (even about RasTafari I-story, or Jamaican/Caribbean history, let alone other history) are some of the same ones who still presume to lead Africa’s children…especially Rastafari. 
Those are the ones who will grab at any opportunity TO HUG UP AND SUCK UP TO even the most egregiously and historically offensive anti-Africa political mis-leaders and their goon-squads (in Jamaica, the Caribbean, Africa, and the US); including those political types who, generation after generation, have made it clear that they have no real passion for Africa, Ethiopia, nor her children…except the passion to continually disraspect, pillage, loot, rape, and kill Africa’s offspring and rape Africa.
As For I; I stand with Marcus Garvey who declared “Let those who choose to worship the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph do so; we Africans worship the God of Ethiopia…we insist on seeing God through Ethiopian spectacles.”
And moreover, I stand with Emperor Haile Selassie I, Anti-Fascist Role Model, who insisted on Reparations from Italy for their continual aggression going back to 1886.
Note the date. It is not a typing mistake.
And history has shown clearly and uniquivocally that it is only the God of Ethiopia, who HIMself has personally and clearly said and DONE the things (that the world can see, even the blind and ignorant) that make into reality the Liberation, Reparation, and Repatriation of African People.
On the other hand, it was/is the ‘god’ and the Children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (according to the book that they themselves gave to the world) who commanded, justified, and engaged in the enslavement of Africa’s peoples – from thousands of years ago, until TODAY, 2013.
Yes! I said it!  Jews, Christians, and Muslims have been the main perpetraitors and exemplars for enslaving Africa and her peoples!  It is a record that stretches back to the beginning of the Bible’s ‘Old Testament’ and continues through the ‘New Testament’ and carried forward by the Koran.
The ‘holy’ books, the ‘greatest minds,’ and the ‘religious leaders,’ as well as their own self-written Hisstories (of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) make that abundantly clear.
There, I said it!  I, as an African descendant I AM speaking the supposedly Unspeakable.
The perpetraitors have never been ashamed or afraid to say it or write it; though they try to terrorize anyone (especially Africans) who dare point out the supporting facts.
But Rastafari ‘leaders’ continue to fight each other for power.
OK. We are about to see just who are the Real Revolutionaries; and who cannot be tricked by mercenaries! 
Yet these same combatants for leadership of Rastafari can find neither the time, the energy, or the courage to demand that the AU and African leaders publicly and permanently enshrine and honor Emperor Haile Selassie I for his historic role in their freedom.  
I have said it before, and I say it again: Many Africans (especially RasTafari recently) have chosen instead to be ignorant proxy religious and cultural combatants in the ancient three-way theo-political wars of the ‘Children of Abraham – specifically Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  They are family wars between themselves — and against the rest of the planet — wars over which of them will continue to reap the greatest rewards from the on-going looting and enslavement of African People… as exemplified by all three of Abraham’s Family-Business-Religions.
And where the African Union is concerned; I am not so intent on Repatriation that I will give the present-day leaders of Africa and the AU a ‘pass’ re the matter of Repatriation…or even Reparations …which some are already salivating over, no doubt.
Because, many African mis-leaders and business people, just as  many politicians – and other ‘important people’ – in the Caribbean are already salivating over the Reparations ‘for slavery.’  Reparations which THEY – thieves and corrupted vessels though many of them obviously are – will presumably RECEIVE ON BEHALF OF the descendants and present victims of murderous African enslavement.
Mind you, these are some of the same mis-leaders who have borrowed mightily in the name of ‘the people’ — so that they, not the people, can try to live like their creditors — and putting African peoples into permanently crippling indebtedness; ironically begging and borrowing for the benefit of the families, friends, and cronies of the mis-leaders, from the same criminals who enslaved African people world in the first place. (See the attachment for a Raspectable Negotiation Position re the AU, The Honoring of His Majesty, and Repatriation)
I therefore await with interest the findings, recommendations, and follow-up actions of the National Reparations Committee(s) – who seem taken up with their ability to pose cutesy academic, rhetorical non-sequitors, such as: ARE THERE INDIVIDUALS, FAMILIES, AND BUSINESSES IN JAMAICA TODAY WHO CONTINUE TO BENEFIT FROM THE PROCEEDS OF THE ENSLAVING OF AFRICAN-JAMAICANS?
Really? Are they cracking fracking jokes?!  At whose expense?
I would suggest that the Jamaica National Reparations Commission grow themselves some b…………s, and ask those who must know (who are being paid, with money and position, to ‘know’ such things) to examine and expose the historical facts regarding the notorious “Jamaica-Lake-Lindo-Whiteworst-Slavery-Pinnacle Connection.”
Let’s see who will yet continue to put the interests of fandom, celebrityhood, religions, friends, families, lovers, or ‘leaders’ above justice for our African Ancestors and downpressed Africans worldwide.
Still don’t know much about slavery???
You’re Africans, and Rastafarians, aren’t you?
It is your business to know, Mothersuckers!
House cleaning must start…at home…within and among InI, Rastafari.
Ras Don Rico Ricketts,                                                                      Djedi Asar Nun Amun Ra-guel Djhuti
“…fi di Dungle Duppy-dem!”
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