Rest in Powa Great Sun of Aethiopia

Brother Gerald Downer was born in the Parish of Portland , Jamaica on October 16, 1934 to Sistar Christabel Lanura Murdock 5/4/1905-11/21/99
He was one of the first yutes at Pinnacle a place where he loved and called home for the past 74 years.

On Wednesday October 16th, 2013 his 79th EarthLight he left to take up residence with his children and grandchildren in Florida.
Today, Wednesday 23, 2013 Brother Bunny as he is fondly call transitioned.
He is a trustee of The Ethiopian Salvation Society
A staunch Howellite who took the 74 years of Ras Tafari struggle without fuss.
On a lighter note he pointed out the spot at Pinnacle where he wants his family house rebuilt. He graced the Documentary “The First Rasta” by Helen Lee.
Great SUN……..
The officers and members of the Ethiopian Salvation Society, The Directors of the Leonard P. Howell Foundation, The Howell Family and the Ras Tafari Family send our love and strength to his Sun and two Dawtas in Florida, USA.
Bro Bunny will be laid to rest in Florida, USA