Pinnacle Press Release
February 2, 2014

The Leonard Percival Howell Foundation would like to inform the general public that the following persons; Sister Mitzie Williams, Bobo Greg, Sister Maxine Stowe, and attorney Marcus Goffe all directors of the Ethiopian Diasporic Millennium Council do not speak for nor represent Pinnacle, the Howellites nor the Leonard Howell Foundation. They have no authority to speak to any government agency or make deals on our behalf.

We, the Rastafari Nation, were evicted from Pinnacle, our indigenous lands by the St Jago Hills Developers on January 30, 2014. As a result of this, the Leonard Percival Howell Foundation’s Chairmen Monty Howell, Bill Howell and Jim Howell have forthwith hired new council. Empress Hannah Harris- Barrington as our legal counsel in all matters pertaining to Pinnacle, reparations and restorative justice for the atrocities committed against the Howellites, Leonard Howell and Pinnacle.

Attorneys at law Barry Frankson, Brother Michael Lorne, and Borther Marcus Goffe , no longer represent the Foundation in any legal capacity. The Leonard Howell Foundation has not given any organization permission to speak on our behalf except our legal counsel Empress Hannah Harris Barrington.

Apparently, groups who have no affiliation or ties to Pinnacle have been meeting and making deals with the Government of Jamaica, claiming to represent the Rastafari community. However, those groups do not speak for The Leonard Howell Foundation, the Howellites nor the place known as Pinnacle. The Leonard Howell Foundation has written numerous letters to the Prime Minister Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, the Governor General of Jamaica Sir Patrick Allen and Speaker of the House, Mr. Pert. To date, there has been no acknowledgement of receipt of any these letters by any of the governmental representatives, even though they were hand delivered by messengers.

Monty Howell, Bill Howell, Jim Howell,
The Leonard P. Howell Foundation.