As the days progress the truth rises, and the stains of past injustices present themselves. It is without a doubt that there are many layers to the story of how the lands of Pinnacle have been taken and sub-divided, and it is without reservation that we question the capacity of the Jamaican government, both past and present, in protecting her people and the rights to our Heritage, the true root of it. Now what we want, as has been stated before, is clarity and tangible efforts to move forward in a way that seeks to remedy the situation with due provision of lands and ability to practice our principles in safety.

Pinnacle WayWhere both governments have been party to the dis-empowerment of the peoples of Jamaica , as is evidenced by the situation 1954-Present, we seek A State of Humanity where justice, truth and the memory of our Freedom Fighters will be our shield & fighting stick… A guide as we share in the learnings of the practices that will undoubtedly help in the building of character and self reliance within these times.

We must also observe I & I role in the present situation, and be contemplative and strategic in our resolution as Free men and women to be greater than Babylon wants us to believe.

His Majesty Speaks…

“No Nation can divide within itself and remain powerful.”

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

“Leave aside all mis-guided aims and groundless ambitions that can only lead us into wasteful and time consuming conflicts. Let us instead mobilize Our resources for our common good and for the good of our great continent. This is the heartfelt desire of African peoples everywhere, and it is the duty of Us all always to bear this in mind and strive for its full and final achievement.”

It is imperative that we all arm ourselves with the relevant information to lift awareness beyond the scope of RasTafari and into the world of our brothers and sisters caught in Mystery Babylon. This fight goes beyond the divisions society wants to create between ‘Rasta’ and the ‘General Public’. It calls into question the safety of your history and how much truth the teacher really been teaching…

Howell at work

Howell at work

Have you ever heard Leonard Howell’s name in school? Or the words PINNACLE was the FIRST Self Sustaining Community in Colonial Jamaica with an economic base of Ganja and Agriculture? In 2014, the Medical Ganja business will be well on its way, and more licenses will be available. Are there plans to use the same model Howell had conceived and made live at Pinnacle to re-build Jamaica’s dying economy? Big question, Big answer.

The Conspiracy, as some will say, that there are still efforts being made by unnamed Babylonians to sub-due and re-write the Truth of this Movement is Real.

“Today the world powers should wake up to the realization of the fact that the key to their destiny and future happiness does not lie in their own hands alone. There is no peace without cooperation.” – H.I.M. Haile Selassie I

The Fullness must come to pass.
One Day, Your Children will dance to the Reggae Music and Hail King RasTafari too.

Donisha got the opportunity to reason with a long-time resident of the Pinnacle; Brother Gallimore, she shares the experience below:

Sacntuary at Pinnacle

Sacntuary at Pinnacle

Brother Gallimore and I sat under this Sanctuary at Pinnacle yesterday morning and watched the tears of dew fall off the leaves as the Sun rose. We sat reminiscing the days when these grounds were full of life, and love…

“Me is a Pinnacle man. Me born a Pinnacle and run up and down and play in these hills as a youth. I never leave here yet, and I shouldn’t have to leave Pinnacle because I am not used to the world I see out there. Children fighting off dem parents and men raping dem sisters. We want to go back to the way Pinnacle used to be and do what we want to do. Self-Reliance. We want to cultivate and we want our children to have a place to play.

This was meant to be Mecca for us as Rasta. A place to practice self sustaining ways and learn about ourself.

Him never stipulate… Mr. Howell I talking. Him never turn back people yet! No matter what. But one thing though, if you come wid wickedness and love to war, you can’t come into Pinnacle. Cause Pinnacle was a place of Godly people.

What Mr. Howell wanted was hearts and hands to do good and right things for the betterment of the world. One foot man, man wid one eye, one hand…whatever. He accepted them all.

He had 4,000 people following him from St. Thomas, St. Elizabeth, St. Ann, Westmoreland, all over Jamaica, people came…the amount of people…rejected people…and he Loved us all the same.

One of the Caves where Mr. Howell had to take refuge

One of the Caves where Mr. Howell had to take refuge

By the sweat of your brow you will eat bread. That is what Mr. Howell used to tell we. I remember every man have food cause there some so much each man was growing and we could share, guango peas, yam, cassava, plantain, peanut, orange, potato, banana, papaya, coconut, mango, pear and of course ganga. Food in abundance. And everyone had to put food in the grain room. We all had to leave food at the food sanctuary just in case others were to come and needed a start, or if we had a drought.

I don’t see another man come like dat yet. A True Leader, who live, eat, sleep and suffer wid his people. Dem used to stone him and call him a mad man when him walk street outside of Pinnacle. We couldn’t even wear a beard and afro cuz that was the sign of the Rastaman before the dreads. Dem times people were so wicked and violent against us. Still him tell we not even a knife we should travel wid. God we a deal wid. No magic power, God power, cause him did believe dat we could be Greater than Babylon wanted us to believe.”