Salaam No… Tenaystelin…Greetings from the Motherland,
June 16th steadily approaches, and we are preparing to celebrate Leonard Howell’s Earthday for the Entire month of June all over the GLOBE!!….
Confirmed celebrations in Jamaica, New York, D.C., Canada, Toronto, Dallas, Philippines, Japan, Kenya, Ethiopia… Let us know where in the world you are and if you plan on celebrating so we can add I & I to the Global list!!
RasTa, A Soul’s Journey will premier at AMC Theaters in Florida & Chicago in June in honour of ancestor Howell! Spread the word… More details soon fwd.
SUNSET in South Miami & AVENTURA in Ft. Lauderdale on June 20th!
Don’t forget to email us at for more information and also to sign up to volunteer for the works on the ground.
Wadada… Tewahedo… More Love!

Donisha Prendergast