We find ourselves saddened by the fact that Rastafarians in Jamaica, especially the respected Elders and leaders of Nyahbinghi and Millenium Council, are geared to oppose and suppress the will and legacy of Leornard Howell and the Howellites. For a very long time now, we heard of the stories which are totally against the will of Rastafari, where Howie Wright who is the secretary general of Millenium Council signed the objection for Pinnacle to be declared a National Heritage and World Heritage site, and the selling of the land without the knowledge of the Howell family and Howellites, and the disrespect and ill treatment of the Howellites by other Rastafari houses and mansions. This is criminality and fraud which is totally against the values, interests and principles of our Ankhcestors and Rastafari. This is happening when LH Foundation is busy lobbying for the elevation of Pinnacle to a national and international status and symbol, to rise the banner of Ethiopia higher.
To us this come as a suprise because we expect Rastafari sons and dawtas to respect and honour the The Gong, as he’s the first one in Jamaica to declare that Ethiopia is tthe center of our existence, and that Qadamawi Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen I are our foundation and glory. He’s the one who went to Ethiopia to witness the coronation of the King and Queen, and met the Afrikan Warriors who mandated him to advance and spread the warrior tradition outside of the continent, establishing the cells for a world wide Afrikan revolution. Leornard Howell opened the eyes of many and set the foundation for Rastafari livity in Pinnacle. So now its strange for Rastafarians not to respect the works, legacy and heritage of this great man.
Iman stand in support of the Howell family and the Howellites who to this day are fighting hard to keep the legacy of The Gong which is under siege from vultures. We in Azania, support the LH Foundation in their endeavors for Pinnacle to be declared a National and International Heritage site, which will help to put Rastafari culture and livity at the center of national and international discourse. Pinnacle is the most ancient Rastafari site, where the foundation of Rastafari was established in Jamaica. We plead with those Rastafari who are criminally involved in this fraud to see beyond their own ends, beyond their own selfish desires, but to think for the Rastafari Collective internationally, as this reflect and project InI image negative. Rastafari in Jamaica must respect our Patriarchs and Matriarchs and our Ankhcestors to keep themselves in tune with our Afrikan values, interests and Ankhciples.
Ras Aviwe Chimurenga Azania