Greetings my Ithiopian Brothers and Sistars.

All are by now aware of the Judgement against Pinnacle and the need to file an urgent appeal to this process The holiday season approaches so our window of opportunity is very short in response to the January 31 st, 2014 eviction ordered from Pinnacle.

On Sunday December 1, 2013 can you stop by Liberty Hall Monthly Mobilization around noon and network for an hour or so.

We need researchers writers media IT and other teams to address the appeal first with urgency. We need to check and assess our options.

Can we get a contact from UWI law department to come mingle and assess/give options…….

This in no way affects the Trenchtown gathering. We need to do some urgent groundwork so we are prepared to give all options to the family collective and decisions made for the long term defence of Pinnacle and the collective.

All able bodied hands on deck …And we shall win Good vs Evil.

Thanks for all your help and livication to protect our roots

Monty Howell