Marriage Record of 1.   Leonard Percival Howell

2.   Teneth Bent

Date of Marriage              31st January 1937

Place of Marriage             49 Duke Street Kingston

Groom’s  Occupation      Bachelor

Bride’s Occupation           Spinster

Groom’s Occupation       Book Writer

Bride’s Occupation          Dressmaker

Groom’s age                       38 years

Bride’s age                           26 years

Groom’s Residence          37 Oliver Road Kingston

Bride’s Residence             37 Oliver Road Kingston

Groom’s Father                Charles Howell

Bride’s Father                   Edward Bent

Witnesses                          Thaddeus A.E , Marie Ramsay

Marriage Officer             J.N. Russell

*******Mrs. Teneth Bent Howell has transitioned and her remains lie close to the great house at Pinnacle, Sligoville****This makes her the oldest resident currently residing at the Heights of Pinnacle which she helped her husband to purchase*****