The current Jamaica led PNP Government of The Hon.Mrs. Portia Simpson Miller has by way of the Board of Trustees of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust headed by
Mr.Ainsley Henriques – Chairman
Mr. Michael Lake – Vice Chairman
Ms. Nadine Guy – Ministerial Designate
CIIr. Audrey Smith-Facey- Ministerial Designate
Rev. Lenworth Anglin – Ministerial Designate
Mr. Peter Knight – CEO/National Environmental & Planning Agency, Government Town Planner
Mrs. Elizabeth Stair – CEO/Commissioner of Land – National Land Agency
Mr. Dorrick Gray – Jamaica National Heritage Trust
Mr. George Lechler – Jamaica Historical Society
Mr. Robert Kerr – Archeological Society of Jamaica
Dr. Kathleen Monteith – University of the West Indies
Ms. Margaret Jarrett – Jamaica Institute of Architects

have voted to return 1 (one) plot of land at Rastafari Groundation lands at Pinnacle Sligoville, Jamaica.

This one lot is a very small unsustainable and an unworkable footprint for a National and subsequent World heritage Site.

The Bruce Golding led JLP government had marked out by the surveyors of the National Land Agency all plots at Pinnacle including the great and small houses, sanctuary, Rastafari caves, bakery, 3 burial grounds, and the final house
where Mr. Howell lived until criminals attacked, robbed and wounded him gravely at an age .

This is a slap in the face by the current Jamaican government and further injustice to the Rastafari Nation globally.

The Next Step is a public hearing to ensure that the minimum of three spots is allocated. This would allow for a somewhat workable footprint for National Heritage and leaving the developer to destroy our holy and sacred sites.

We await the notification by the Board Of Trustees of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust as to the time and date of this public hearing and will keep all idren updated on the progress.

The developer has since sold the lot adjacent to the Pinnacle driveway and has proceeded to clean the trees down exposing the driveway to massive soil erosion while burning everything is sight. This has left the entrance of Pinnacle looking like a forest burning and clearing exercise. Never in the history of this developer at Pinnacle have we borne witness to this scorched earth policy by the hands of a paid dreadlocks. This was done the day after the Rastafari march on Gordon House and rally in Kingston.

Leonard Percival Howell suffered immensely at the hands of the colonial and post colonial regimes from 1933 until his transition in February 1981.. His endured the sufferation, punishment, imprisonment and mental incarceration at Bellevue Mental Hospital for speaking Truth to the colonial powers of that day. Now he reaches out yet from Dovecott in this hour claiming Pinnacle which he never sold to anyone but for the Bustamante and Manley governments collusion to the destruction, burning, robbery and dispossession of Pinnacle and the illegal transfer of its lands for not one red cent to many ending with the current St Jago Hills Developers.

Please let the Jamaican Government know you will not tolerate this further theft of the lands belonging to the Afrikan Slaves in the First Free Slave Village at Sligoville, Jamaica.

As His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I said, “We Afrikans will fight if necessary, and we know we shall win, for we are confident of the victory of good over evil”.

Thanks for supporting the L.P.Howell Foundation in this battle.

The L.P. Howell Foundation.