You are asking one of the more STRATEGIC QUESTIONS, when you ask:
“Are there plans to take this very model that Leonard Howell was working on, use his property and and re-brand his ideas as New?”

Please note the recent meeting in Jamaica between a certain Jamaican politician, Minister Azan, with one of the leading proponents of Ganja legalization in the USA, and a certain music and tourism mogul, whose own ancestral name is traceable to the ownership of one of the largest slave-trading businesses in Jamaica all the way up Emancipation.

With legalization of Ganja (which will come, sooner or later), ANY BRAND-ING(s) of the Jamaican Herb by ANY person(s) or entities who can ‘legally’ use, or closely associate with, the Name and/or ‘Vibes’ and/or Cultural Values and/or Spiritual Credentials of Rastafari, and/or Rasta, and/or Pinnacle, or ANY other name or ‘vibe’ or goodwill that are associated with any version of the above RasTafari-related credentials (however questionably such ‘credentials’ are achieved) would certainly add enormously to the cachet, allure, and marketing appeal of any such Product (of the Herb, or Rasta etc) even among the ordinary ‘Rasta’ (real or pretend) let alone among the ‘global ganja connoisseurs.’

Which would work perfectly with the touristic marketing of ‘Rasta’ and ‘Reggae’ and ‘Great Ganja,’ which are already being readily subsumed under Brand Jamaica – just as ‘Rasta’ and ‘Reggae’ already have been; as publicly declared and confirmed by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Youth & Culture.

Aren’t the RasTafari and Rasta communities tired of being co-opted, ripped-off, and scammed?

There seems to be a clear conflict of interest on the part of the ‘Culture Minister’ in the relationship between herself and the Lakes (a dynasty whose ancestry leads back to the co-ownership of the same slave-trading company mentioned above); who are not only the supposed ‘owners’ of the land in question at Pinnacle, but which also has a family member who, at the same time, sits on the board of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, an entity which would want to be seen as impartial in this matter, but which also comes under the portfolio of the possibly-compromised Minister of Youth & Culture.

But to really understand the very long arc of this fantastic set of historic ‘coincidences’ that are evident in the controversial Pinnacle Land Matter, one has to be willing to go ‘back’ more than 500 years (and in fact much, much further ‘back’) in history; which requires much more time and space than is available here, in this format.

Look out for my forthcoming publications that contain seriously mind-bending revelations about the place called Pinnacle – and it’s mystic, spiritual, scientific, and cultural importance – stretching ‘back’ over many millennia…and centuries into the distant future.

May the Most High, the Eternal One, Protect InI with the Eternal Presence and Power of Good and RightJustness.
This matter has been dangerous from its genesis centuries ago, and could be much more dangerous from this point forward.

RasTafari TaLaWaDaDa Love, Guidance, and I-tektion, All-Ways.
Djedi Asar Nun Amun RA-guel Djhuti.