Taken from the forthcoming book “The Crabs & the 500 Acre Bucket”

by Original Gong Family Copyright Patrick Howell 2014

The Crabs & and the 500 Acre Bucket

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I was thinking…

What if my father had been working his father Vivian’s land (as he often did) on one of those days when his Uncle, The Gong, made one of his frequent visits in order to gather family members to show them a better way of life at Pinnacle.

Knowing my Pops as I do (and according to how he brought his children up), I’m almost certain that he would have gone with his Uncle, and would have died at Pinnacle. Since I know he’s a man who has no interest in prison accommodation, he would have given his life (whilst taking as many as possible with him) in the course of defending his Uncle on one of those legendary Pinnacle raids. I hereby set the tone of what’s to come next.

My musings about my father prompted my thought process further…and I would like to invite the Rasta community and the people of Jamaica at large, (plus any interested parties around the world) into my reasonings…

And before I proceed further, what you’re about to read has no bearings on the LPH Foundation or its Directors, as although I’m a member of the foundation and we are related and bonded by blood, I write this entirely as my own individual thoughts and action. I was thinking…

What if The Gong never existed?

What if Leonard never returned to Jamaica from America (Babylon) in 1932?

What would be the state of play in the current landscape?
The answer to these questions would depend largely on the answer to the following question, which came to my mind whilst analysing the Observers observing (and bear with me as it’s not as easy an answer as it sounds):


What is Rasta?

In one conversation that I heard recently on a random Mutabaruka radio show, Rasta was described by Muta’s guest in three separate sentences as…
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