The Infiltration of Ras Tafari

Throughout Afrikan Ourstory(Not History), the most successful and destructive

tactic of Europeans and Asians towards Afrikan Nationhood, has been the
infiltration of our Spiritual and Religious institutions. This statement is supported
simply by looking at the Ras Tafari spiritual system. Far from its Afrikan Diasporic
origin as a socio-religious rebellion away from colonialism, white supremacist
Christianity and thought. It has been diluted, perverted and distorted out of its
original concept as a Black Mental, Spiritual, and Psychological Liberating
Institution. Due to commercialism and the profits gained by those mainstreaming
Ras Tafari, the infiltration has been steady and overwhelming. Due to this
infiltration, fictional(fictional because Afrikans love everyone, but not everyone
loves us) concept of “one love” has been been pushed dramatically within the
Afrikan community as an attempt to justify the forgetting and abandonment of
our brutal still occurring ourstorical exploitative victimizing(with Afrikans always
on the receiving end of the exploitation) relationship as a Nation with Europeans
and Asians. It is illusional for Afrikans to honestly think that we can have “one love”
amongst all humanity without FIRST establishing a Truthful and Practiced concept
of “One Black Love” amongst ourselves. The wisdom of our Ancestors clearly
instructs us to “Heal yourself first before you heal others.” (Gambian ‘Afrikan’
Proverb). “Africa for the African race…” Was the words uttered by Martin Delany
over 100 years ago, yet still today there are many Negros willing to give away
Afrika and all her creations to non Afrikan people. When will we learn from the
past? Kemet and Kush were flourishing Empires for thousands of years until they
welcomed foreigners into their sacred schools and institutions. When will we learn
from the past? Why is it that Afrikans Cant Have anything created by and
exclusively for Afrikans? These are the questions that needs to be addressed
within the Ras Tafari Afrikan community. Ras Tafari(Haile Selassie) himself was
clear that we needed Afrikan solidarity first before we can achieve solidarity
amongst all humans when he prophetically said “When African righteous people
come together, the world will come together. This is our divine destiny.”

Ras Shaun