The Leonard P. Howell Foundation was formed to preserve and protect the legacy of the Leonard Percival “Gong” Howell, the Founding Father of the Rastafari Movement.

Since its formation in 2005, the Leonard P. Howell Foundation has been embroiled in a legal battle with the St. Jago Hills developers over the legal title and ownership of the ancestral home of Pinnacle, the place in which Leonard P. Howell lived and cultured the teachings of  Rastafari.  The case remains unresolved in the Spanish Town resident magistrate court where, simultaneously, the National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA) also brought charges against the St Jago Hills Developers for building illegal sewage sites at Pinnacle without government permits. An injunction has since been issued, restricting the developer from further construction.

The Jamaica National Heritage Trust (“JNHT”) announced that it will be declaring Pinnacle a National Heritage Trust Site. The JNHT have designated certain plots of land at Pinnacle to be designated National Heritage Site, and they plan to identify and designate other plots so as to strengthen the footprints of the site. The Leonard P. Howell Foundation along with the Ethiopian Salvation Society, the movement organized and headed by Leonard P. Howell, are currently seeking donations to restore some of the structures that will be needed to move this venture forward.

The Directors of the Leonard P. Howell Foundation and the treasurer of the Ethiopian Salvation Society, Ras Ration Thomas ask for your support. Donation applications are being taken in conjunction with membership applications to the Ethiopian Salvation Society. With your commitment we will return the Rastafari Movement to the viable independent and self sufficient entity as it was grounded with Pinnacle as the headquarters. We value your support and your commitment to the total Restoration, Reparations and Repatriation of
InI Ithiopian peoples globally.

Please sign up now and donate, applications are available on our
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Brother Monty Howell, Chairperson
Leonard P. Howell Foundation