On Thursday June 12, 2014 during the Thursday Lunch Club (TLC), Pinnacle was invaded, occupied and vandalized by the taliban wing of the so called nyahbinghi. Pinnacle is now under the rule of their Christian church which is sacrilege Their behaviour borders on criminal and disrespectful towards the Founding Patriarch Leonard Percival “Gong” Howell whose 116th EarthLight was on June 16th, 2014 just a few days after. It is also disrespectful to Mr Tenet Bent Howell whose remains lie in rest at the Pinnacle.ultimately, the most abusive and abrasive behaviour was reserved for the Howellites or may I call them the children who suffered along with Leonard Howell and or may I say the children of Pinnacle now the ancients of The Rastafari Movement. Many are now in their late 70’s early 80’s. Some travelled from England, USA and Canada fulyl realizing their age and frailty but seizing the importance of being at Pinnacle to celebrate the EarthLight of Prince Regent Gong Howell. Tell me again how can a people who have basically created nothing for themselves tell the Howellites that, “They came to bring them to Haile Selassie Order? So what is Haile Selassie I Orders? Leonard Howell, his wife and the Howellites brought us Rastafari and the Ethiopian Story. I feel it was very presumptuous of la la and the funders of this debacle to act like nothing happened and carry on carry on. Neither the so called Nyahbinghi and their taliban group bought 1 pound of nails for the Sanctuary at Pinnacle. I had a vision and I tried my best to complete that vision from the ankhcestors even risking my health and body eating chinese noodles and vegetables for 2 months to save the initial monies to pay for the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) donated post to be trucked to Pinnacle. A good brother from Germany assisted me with half of the monies needed to get the jack hammer out to dig the 13 holes in the rock for 69k Jamaican dollars and he later proceeded to put the second roof on with Jah Dan Ration and Bro Monty Howell sealing the crown. Since then all repairs to the roof are done by the LP Howell Foundation with the builder being Congo Iston. Thanks to Congo Rockstone for his hard work and Jacqueline Moe Hagelberg for the cement to lay those 13 post at Pinnacle.

Ah weh dem crawl out from saying desecration to tabernacle and who named it that? There are 3 Sanctuaries at Pinnacle and never a tabernacle from then to now.
As I told Ras Howie, “Step down before Gong mek yuh smell daisies,” Point is he never listened and neither does this crop of megalomaniacs who never contributed their finances nor labour to the Gong and Pinnacle thereby never advancing the race.

So the so called taliban arm of the nyahbinghi proceeded to turn Pinnacle upside down repainting post with the green at top and flags galore flying over and in the Sanctuary and declared National Monument to reflect same. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AGAIN AND WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? WHAT IS THE DOCTRINE THAT EMPEROR HAILE SELASSIE I TAUGHT THE PATRIARCH LEONARD PERCIVAL HOWELL WHO HE NEVER MET?

Worst of all is the stone vandals they brought along with them. Many remain in the bushes at pinnacle raiding it and mining stone nightly to the point of Pinnacle destruction. How can a people, nation and race be given so much by Gong and the Howellites then descend into this state of religious madness?

Excerpts from “The PROMISED kEY” BY Leonard P Howell

All the Churches Religious system of today, claims to represent the Lord God of Israel; but the Pope who is satan the devil, false organization is a hypocritical religious system that has three elements, first commercial political and ecclesiastical, to keep the people in ignorance of their wicked course.

Money powers are the great bulwarks of their organization and they use the Religious elements as a smoke screen to keep the people in ignorance of the truth.

The false teachers under the supervision of the Pope of Rome who is satan the devil. The agents of his speaking lies in the churches and let the people walk in darkness.

My dear Readers you can see that all their foundations of the earth are out of course. Allow me to say that there is no throne for the Anglo Saxon white people, they must come down and sit in the dust on the ground there is no throne for them. See Isaiah 47th chapter.

King Alpha was wroth with us the Black People and had polluted our inheritance for 2520 years and had given us into the hands of the Anglo-Saxon white people, they showed us no mercy therefore evil shall come upon them suddenly.

Now let the Astrologers and Stargazers stand up and save the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom from the vengeance that shall come upon them suddenly.


The glory that was Solomon greater still reigns in Ethiopia. We can see all the Kings of the earth surrendering their crowns to His Majesty Ras Tafari the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Earth’s Rightful Ruler to reign forever and ever.

Upon His Majesty Ras Tafari ‘s head are many diadems and on His garments a name written King of Kings and Lord of Lords oh come let us adore him for he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Conquering Lion of Judah, The Elect of God and the Light of the world.

His Majesty Ras Tafari is the head over all man for he is the Supreme God. His body is the fullness of him that fillet all in all. Now my dear people let this be our goal, forward to the King of Kings must be the cry of our social hope. Forward to the King of Kings to purify our social standards and our way of living, and rebuild and inspire our character. Forward to the King of Kings to learn the worth of manhood and womanhood. Forward to the King of Kings to learn His code of Laws from the mount demanding absolute Love, Purity, Honesty, and Truthfulness. Forward to the King of Kings to learn His Laws and social order, so that virtue will eventually gain the victory over body and soul and that truth will drive away falsehood and fraud. Members of the King of Kings arise for God’s sake and put your armor on.

Dear inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, the King of Kings warriors can never be defeated, the Pope of Rome and his agents shall not prevail against the King of Kings host warriors you all must stand up, stand up, for the King of Kings.

All ye warriors of the King of Kings lift high King Alpha’s Royal Banner, from victory to victory K ing Alpha shall lead his army till every enemy is vanquished.

All who want to challenge this bring your receipts.

NOW THE STARGAZERS AND CULTIST NEED FEH HOLD A MEDS. LEAVE LEONARD PERCIVAL HOWELL AND PINNACLE ALONE. The secretary of the Leonard P. Howell Foundation from its first registration in Jamaica is Mr. Mike Boyd.s and none other.

Thanks for your time and attention as we drive out these stone thieves and taliban masters of distraction and destruction